Natural Facial Rejuvenation

Elizabeth has studied the FACIALENHANCE (TM) ( course and provides a Facial Rejuvenation program which has proved successful with the majority of her patients that have undertaken the 10 course program.

Elizabeth is the only FACIALENHANCE (TM)  (www.facialenhance, trained practitioner in Melbourne.

Facial Rejuvenation is a technique that stimulates the elasticity of the skin leading to improved facial appearance. Unlike other cosmetic techniques, (such as Botox which require artificial products), Facial Rejuvenation increases naturally-produced elastin and collegen. This leads to better circulation and improved muscle tone.

The Facial Rejuvenation program requires 10 regular weekly treatments. This treatment remains effective with monthly follow up treatments.

The Program

  • Before your first treatment Elizabeth will review your patient history to decide whether the course is suitable. If so, a treatment plan will be developed.
  • Single-use, sterile needles will be painlessly inserted in median points in your body on the initial treatment. Then facial needles will be gently applied. There will follow a period of relaxation.
  • After  removal of the body and facial needles, Elizabeth will perform a revitalising Facial lymph draining massage.
  • Elizabeth will next apply specially selected serums and creams.
  • You will be given post-treatment instructions at the end of your treatment.

The cost of each consultation is $110 and the treatment itself will take 45 minutes of your day.

Most patients feel enervated and very relaxed immediately after the treatment and are soon looking forward to their next appointment. Your face will feel lifted and the majority of patients immediately report that the colour and texture of their skin feels rejuvenated.