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At Absolute Body Health Solutions, we are proud to be a trusted and family-owned Allied Health Care Clinic.

Founded and run by a mother-daughter team who are experts in their respective fields, our Bentleigh clinic opened over 12 years ago. Since then, we have become an integral part of the community, providing essential care, and building long-lasting relationships with our patients.

We have grown into a team of passionate practitioners, all of whom are dedicated to offering the best treatment and advice within their professional fields. Our team offers Chiropractic, Naturopathy, Myotherapy, and Remedial Massage healthcare. We each believe in taking a holistic approach to healthcare, addressing not just our patients’ symptoms, but considering the underlying cause of our patients’ conditions.

About Us

Our goal is to empower our patients with the knowledge and understanding that they need to achieve their health goals.

We work collaboratively with our patients, taking the time to listen to their concerns and develop personalised treatment plans tailored to their specific needs and goals.

By actively involving our patients in their own healthcare journey, we believe in fostering a sense of ownership and empowerment, working together on achieving both short and long term goals and needs.

Chiropractor Elizabeth Walker
Samantha Walker

Absolute Body Health Solutions

We are committed to providing trusted healthcare solutions that prioritise your health and wellbeing.

When you choose Absolute Body Health Solutions, you genuinely become a part of our clinic family. We provide a warm and welcoming environment where you can feel comfortable and supported throughout your healing process. Our dedicated team is here to support you each step of the way, ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care.

Whether you are seeking relief from pain, recovering from an injury, or looking to improve your overall wellbeing, Absolute Body Health Solutions is here to help.

Take the first step towards a healthier you and contact us today to book your appointment. We look forward to welcoming you into our clinic, and helping you achieve your health and wellbeing goals.

Allied Health Clinic Bentleigh and Diamond Creek

Meet The Owners

Elizabeth Walker Principal Chiropractor

Elizabeth Walker

Elizabeth Walker is one of the owners and the principal chiropractor at Absolute Body Health Solutions. She offers a personalised touch to all her treatments and is committed to her patient’s health and well-being. With her over 20 years of experience, she is skilled at providing rehabilitative muscle and joint treatments and aims to relieve pain.

Elizabeth understands the importance of having the latest training and medical information when treating health concerns and enjoys keeping herself as up-to-date as possible. While spending time with her family and nurturing her own well-being, she is committed to providing comprehensive healthcare treatment.

Senior Naturopath Samantha Walker

Samantha Walker

Samantha Walker is the second owner of Absolute Body Health Solutions and is also the senior naturopath. She is dedicated to helping people find the right treatments for their needs now and for their long-term health goals. With her double degree qualification in medical sciences and Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, she is experienced in treating patients and their unique needs.

Samantha also focuses on women’s health issues and works towards finding the core of her patient’s health concerns to build a holistic and tailored approach to treatment.

Absolute Body Health Solutions

Our Health Services

chiropractor bentleigh


Chiropractic care at Absolute Body Health Solutions doesn’t only focus on the spine and its alignment but on the entire body and the extremities (shoulders. knees, ankles, feet, wrist and hands) and how this may impact your movement and your general wellbeing.

Through hands-on treatment, our chiropractors aim to address imbalances and improve alignment to potentially alleviate common conditions like back pain, shoulder and knee pain or carpal tunnel syndrome. They can also aim to improve injury recovery and treat various nerve conditions.

With the aim of providing exceptional care to our patients, our chiropractors focus on providing personalised treatments to improve your health and functioning.

naturopath bentleigh


Naturopathy is a holistic approach to healing and empowers patients to understand how their diet, lifestyle, environment, stress levels and relationships could be negatively impacting their health and wellbeing. 

Our naturopath works to address the core of your health concerns with natural remedies and lifestyle advice tailored to your specific needs. 

Whether you’re dealing with low energy, hormonal imbalances, infertility, digestive problems, anxiety or any other health concern you wish to address naturally a naturopathy consultation can help you with a holistic treatment plan. 

remedial massage bentleigh


Myotherapy is utilised to determine the underlying cause of mobility issues. These concerns are then addressed by a range of different treatments, from trigger point therapy to dry needling, MET, mobilisation, MLD (manual lymphatic drainage- Vodder trained) and various soft tissue modalities. 

If you struggle with your range of motion or muscle pain, we can personalise a treatment plan that aims to address the cause of your discomfort. We can also recommend exercises to complement your treatment. 

myotherapy bentleigh


Remedial massage treatment is a targeted approach that focuses on reducing pain and improving functioning. Through this treatment, areas of tension are identified and then addressed with deep tissue massages, stretching or trigger point therapy. 

If you need a tailored approach to muscle health, schedule a consultation today to learn how remedial massage therapy could help.

Absolute Body Health Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing for your first appointment is as simple as making a booking online here. If you would prefer, you can also give us a call before booking with us.

It is recommended that you bring any relevant health documentation to your appointment so your practitioner can quickly become familiar with your history and health goals.

For your appointment, you will be guided to a waiting area until your practitioner is ready. They will then discuss your concerns and health history to determine the appropriate treatment.

Fees may vary depending on the service you require. Initial consultations range between $120 and $135, while a follow-up consultation can cost between $105 and $125.

Most of our therapy appointments cost around $180, but this can vary depending on your chosen treatment.

The number of appointments you need will depend on the treatment you require. After a consultation, you may find you only need one or two treatments, or to curate a treatment plan to recover from an injury.

If you want to know more about how many appointments you may need, it is best to get an initial consult and discuss with our practitioners.

At our clinic, we offer a range of different payment methods. As a mixed billing practice, you can pay a small fee upfront and receive a rebate after submitting a claim to your health fund.

An initial consultation generally lasts 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the service. This is so new patients can be assessed properly and receive guidance on the next steps.

A follow-up consultation may only take half an hour, as your healthcare practitioner will be familiar with your current concerns and be ready to help you plan accordingly.

Allied Healthcare Clinic Bentleigh & Diamond Creek

Book Your Initial Appointment with Us Today

If you are searching for muscle and musculoskeletal treatments or holistic care in one convenient location, our allied health professionals are committed to providing the best support in Bentleigh and Diamond Creek. Your well-being today and in the long term is the top priority of our healthcare team.

Whether you are after chiropractic care or wanting to explore a naturopathic approach to your health, you can explore our various fields and therapies available to you.