Why should I make an appointment at your clinic?

Our practitioners are highly qualified in their own field and make sure that they continue to educate themselves. They have access to cutting edge technology to treat and assess your issues. Our practitioners take time to explain and answer questions you may have so you feel totally informed and in control of your treatment.

Will you treat me on the first visit?

Yes we both treat on the first visit. So there is no need to wait in pain or to start your health plan till your next appointment.

How long will it take before I see results?

Elizabeth’s patients should notice a difference after their first consultation, though for some chronic conditions it may take up to three consultations. Samantha’s patients usually notice a difference within the first week of starting a health plan.

Are you contactable after hours?

We are always contactable, whether by email or by phone and will open the clinic if closed for emergencies.

What will happen if I get injured or sick after hours or on the weekend?

Both Elizabeth and Samantha are happy to open the clinic for you on a weekend out of hours or stay back late during the week if you are in acute pain and in need of immediate attention.

Can you give me an exercise program to do at home?

Yes, there may be some exercises that Elizabeth will give you to do in your own time at home to rehabilitate your injury.

Do you see Vet Affairs or EPC Patients in your clinic?

Yes, Elizabeth is happy to see these patients.

Does Samantha recommend an organic diet?

Yes if possible, try http://www.organicorigins.com.au/ for the best quality organic produce.

What is your favourite cook book at the moment?

The Holistic Ingredient has just launched “The Nourishing Kitchen” e-book where all the recipes use whole-food, healthy ingredients. Every recipe we have tried so far tastes amazing, do yourself a favour and take a look for yourself. Click here to visit The Holistic Ingredient.