July Newsletter

This last month has been an amazing month for us at Absolute Body Health. We held our first event. Your Kitchen, The Real Medicine Chest, which was a sell out. Everyone who attended has shared with us how much they enjoyed the night, learnt so much and loved the healthy super food treats that Samantha made for the night. We would also like to thank the companies that donated to our gift bags; Rawsome…

Your Kitchen: the real medicine chest

Tuesday night’s event was a hit. I feel that everyone who attended learnt at least one new thing that they did not know about how food can be used as medicine.

Twenty people attended our booked out event and not only learnt about which foods can be used as medicine but also took home some lovely goodies from our sponsors. There was Rawsome Chocolate, Slimbliss Tea, Jacqueline Evans Naturopathic…

Gluten: What’s all the fuss?

Most Australian’s would realise by now (I hope), that a steady diet of cheeseburgers and soft drinks will not lead to a happy and healthy life. What some of you might not know, is that there is another offender that most of us would never suspect to be causing problems. That silent villain is gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, barley and spelt. Gluten basically gives these foods their elasticity…

Knee care: it starts from the feet up

Sometimes the answer to a problem is simple, but we either don’t want to believe it or we are too distracted to see it. What I’m talking about is an important aspect to treating knee pain - and keeping the pain away.

In my clinic I treat varying levels of knee pain in both young adults and the older generations. The reason for which you may experience knee pain is not always the same, and…

Fertility and Inflammation – a no stress place equals a fertile space

I recently came across an article while doing my weekly research that highlighted the link between the immune system and fertility. Together with immune system health, there was a strong association with how physiological stress affects the immune system and subsequently, fertility.

If you are a patient of mine you will have heard me talk a lot about how stress can impact your fertility.…

When the sun’s away, Vitamin D must come out to play

The summer sun has finally left us and winter is fast approaching. Now is the time to make sure your Vitamin D levels are adequate to see you through the winter months.

Vitamin D deficiency is becoming so common that it is fast becoming a major public health issue in Australia. We obtain the majority of our Vitamin D (80-100%) from skin exposure to sunlight (UVB radiation) and only 10% from…

What is LLLT?

One of the many treatments I use in clinic is Low level Laser Therapy (LLLT). I am often asked by my patients, “how does it work and what benefits it will provide me?”. So I thought what better topic to write about.

LLLT is the application of red and near infra-red light over injuries or lesions to improve wound and soft tissue healing,…

How to Balance your Hormones Naturally

It seems these days that everyone knows someone (or you yourself) who suffers from hormonal imbalances. Conditions such as PMS, irregular or absent periods, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis and infertility seem to be so common these days, and other symptoms of hormonal imbalances; fluid retention, sore breasts, weight gain, period and back pain! Phew! I’m tired from just having…

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