National Pain Week – July 22nd-28th

Absolute Body Health Solutions is proud to support this year’s National Pain Week, hosted by Chronic Pain Australia. National Pain Week aims to highlight the serious effects of chronic pain, suffered by thousands of Australians, with a focus on improving the public’s understanding and perception of pain, modalities available to treat pain and introducing local Pain Management Specialists.

It is a sad fact that most Australians do not live active lifestyles, meaning they face an increased risk of health threats which can result in chronic pain. Poor sitting and sleeping postures combined with anxiety and pressure at work can affect our nervous system – aggravating joint pain and causing musculoskeletal problems. When pain becomes an issue, people often reach for a quick fix – painkillers. These fixes temporarily mask the problem, ignoring the underlying cause.

Dr Elizabeth Walker from Absolute Body Health Solutions provides exceptional Sports Chiropractic treatment, which involves pinpointing the root of the problem and treating it accordingly. Dr Walker states chiropractic treatment as “one of the most effective and safest ways for the management of chronic pain, as it relaxes the body and manipulates the spine”.

Dr Walker reiterates the fact that chronic pain is a legitimate medical condition that can and should be treated. Although not all pain has an identifiable cause, there is an effective treatment for most painful conditions and Dr Walker will find it.  “We would like to make people realise that there is no need to suffer, because effective treatments are available.  In most cases ignoring ongoing pain will not make it go away, and it may even get worse. With few exceptions, we believe there is no need for anybody to live with unbearable pain.”

Absolute Body Health Solutions has a variety of treatment options available. As a contribution to this year’s National Pain Week, Absolute Body Health Solutions are offering FREE Pain Assessments to the community. Dr Walker will listen carefully to your history, perform a thorough physical examination and prepare a comprehensive plan for your personalised care.

Absolute Body Health Solutions is a centre for Chiropractic care focusing on the management and prevention of pain in a friendly and welcoming environment.  They provide complete natural Chiropractic care which is not invasive and has little or no side effects. All Chiropractors are qualified in an array of treatments including spine rehabilitation, neck pain, lower back pain, ankle pain and injuries, headaches and migraines.

Contact the friendly team at Absolute Body Health Solutions on 03 9886 1059 to book an initial consultation or to find out more information.

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