Written by Dr. Elizabeth Walker (Chiropractor)
Suffering from Sacroiliac Joint Pain (SI Joint Pain)? Our Chiropractors have the solutions!
Sacroiliac joint pain, commonly known as SI joint pain, affects the crucial joints linking the sacrum and pelvis. Symptoms like lower back discomfort, buttock pain, and leg radiating pain can be challenging to pinpoint, often overlapping with other conditions. Factors like injury, pregnancy, and degenerative conditions contribute to SI joint dysfunction. At our clinic, we offer comprehensive diagnosis and effective treatment options for SI joint pain.
Our conservative approach includes soft tissue work, manipulation, laser therapy, and personalised exercise plans. For temporary relief, SI joint injections may be recommended. Managing SI joint pain requires a multidisciplinary approach, including lifestyle adjustments like maintaining a healthy weight and practicing good posture. Our goal is to provide targeted treatments for faster pain resolution and improved quality of life. If you suspect SI joint pain, consult our experienced chiropractors for a thorough evaluation and tailored intervention. Don’t let pain hold you back—discover relief and wellness with us!