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Our Clinic
Our Clinic

Absolute Body Health Solutions – Chiropractor and Naturopath Bentleigh

If you are looking for a professional chiropractor and naturopath, go to Absolute Body Health Solutions. We are a family owned clinic in Bentleigh, Melbourne. We are run by a mother-daughter team who are both experts in the chiropractic and naturopathy fields.

Meet our chiropractor and naturopath

Elizabeth Walker- Elizabeth is a certified chiropractor who is passionate in resolving both acute and chronic pains. She provides careful chiropractic treatments that will relieve different types of body pains due to sports injuries or osteoarthritis.

Samantha Walker- Samantha is a well-respected naturopath who specialises in providing personalised naturopathic treatment that will suit your health and lifestyle needs. She gives precise consultations to effectively determine and understand the cause of your problems, so you will be totally informed and in control of your treatment.

Our Chiropactor and Natuorpath conduct first-rate care services

Chiropractor- Elizabeth can help you locate the exact cause of your pain. She is dedicated to giving you relief from back, neck, joint, muscle pains, sciatica, headaches, migraines, arthritis, and sports or domestic injuries.

Naturopathy- Samantha is committed to promoting the body's innate ability to heal itself. She treats hormonal imbalances, anxiety, insomnia, stress, infertility, skin disease, cardiovascular health concerns, and is a specialist in the paleo diet.

Our chiropractor and naturopath focus on providing the highest level of care and health managements programs. We deliver holistic and natural chiropractic and naturopathic treatments that will help you get back in shape and feel better as soon as possible.

Our clinic is built on the following core values

Compassion: Accepting people as they are and being present for them in their time of need.

Respect: Treating each other equally with dignity and respect.

Excellence: Providing the best care for our patients.

Integrity: Doing the right thing while no one is watching. We act according to the values, beliefs and principles that we claim to hold.

To find out more about Elizabeth or Samantha please visit our about us page.

Sports Chiropractic
Sports Chiropractic
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Lifestyle Advice
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580 Centre Rd, Bentleigh East, Victoria

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